About Us

Good people. Good food.

We named The Cove after the beach in Maui, Hawaii, where we got married. We fell in love with Hawaii and their poke, and together with our brother and sister-in-law, we decided to bring a bit of it to Minnesota. The Cove is a poke and Asian street food restaurant in the heart of Dinkytown at the University of MN, where we are alumni. We serve customized poke bowls, banh mi sandwiches, and rice bowls. We offer vegetarian options as well.

Sustainability and Freshness

The fish our restaurant uses comes from a source that practices sustainability and promotes healthy, abundant oceans. We work closely with them to help maintain healthy fish supplies around the world. Ethical practices and strong environmental management in their fish farming operations help the well-being of our industry and the environment, which in return helps our restaurant keep costs down and offer responsible seafood choices.

Meet the Family

Lee S.


Lee is a loving father of 3 and a devoted husband. After many years in banking and risk management, his love of food and travel has brought us a poke shop. What better place than their alma mater.

Tom T.

Head Chef

Tom is the head chef with 20 years in a kitchen. After graduating from culinary school in MN, he moved to Hawaii. He fell in love with the culture and food. Expect new and exciting seasonal menus

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